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Capturing Nature's Guardians - Environmental Protection Photography Challenge
2023-08-23 01:30:am - 2023-10-11 03:00:am
Announcement Date: : 2023-10-14 02:00:am
Are you ready to harness the power of your lens to speak up for the planet? Welcome to the "Capturing Nature's Guardians - Environmental Protection Photography Challenge." We invite photographers of all levels to participate in this visual crusade to raise awareness about environmental issues and showcase the beauty that needs safeguarding. The theme of this photography competition is "Environmental Protection." Participants are encouraged to capture striking images that tell a compelling story about the delicate balance between humanity and nature. Whether it's the mesmerizing beauty of untouched landscapes, the poignant impacts of climate change, the valor of conservation efforts, or the unique interactions between humans and the environment – we want your photographs to stir emotions, provoke thought, and drive action. Prizes: $50 Categories Wilderness Wonders: Showcase the untouched beauty of our natural world. Capture landscapes, flora, and fauna in their purest form, emphasizing the need to preserve these pristine environments. Human-Nature Harmony: Highlight the positive ways in which human activities coexist with nature. This could include sustainable farming, eco-friendly architecture, or communities embracing renewable energy solutions. Call to Action: Use your photography to raise an alarm. Illustrate the consequences of pollution, deforestation, and other environmental threats, inspiring viewers to take immediate action. Competition Guidelines: Each participant can submit up to three (3) photographs, with at least one image in one of the specified categories. All entries must be original and taken by the participant submitting them. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification. Entries must be in high-resolution JPEG format, with a minimum of 3000 pixels on the longest side. Along with each photograph, participants are required to provide a short caption (max 100 words) that explains the context and significance of the image.
Evaluation Criteria
Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Relevance to the theme and category Creativity and originality Technical excellence and composition Emotional impact and storytelling Winning and Exhibition: The top photographs will be announced on [Announcement Date] and showcased in a virtual gallery on our competition website. Select images may also be featured in environmental awareness campaigns and publications, ensuring that your art becomes an agent of change. Join us in this quest to use the art of photography as a catalyst for environmental protection. Your lens has the power to inspire, motivate, and ignite action – let's capture nature's guardians together!
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Capturing Nature's Guardians - Environmental Protection Photography Challenge
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