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EcoVisions: Graphic Design Challenge - Warning of Climate Change
2023-09-17 10:09:pm - 2024-01-21 01:00:am
Announcement Date: : 2024-02-05 01:00:am
Are you a passionate graphic designer with a strong message to convey about the urgent need to address climate change? If so, the "EcoVisions: Graphic Design Challenge" is your platform to make a powerful statement and inspire change through your creativity. Join us in this extraordinary opportunity to utilize your graphic design skills and talent to raise awareness about one of the most pressing issues of our time – climate change. Climate change is a global crisis that affects us all, and it's high time we took notice. In this competition, we invite graphic designers from all corners of the world to submit their original, thought-provoking, and impactful designs that raise awareness about climate change. Your artwork has the potential to inform, educate, and inspire action on this critical issue. Competition Guidelines: Open to All: This competition is open to graphic designers of all skill levels, from amateurs to professionals. We encourage everyone with a passion for raising awareness about climate change to participate. Creativity Unleashed: There are no specific design criteria or limitations for this competition. We encourage you to think outside the box, embrace innovation, and let your creativity run wild. Your design can take any form – posters, infographics, digital art, illustrations, or any other graphic medium. Message Matters: While there are no design constraints, your submission should strongly convey a message related to climate change. Whether it's the impact of rising temperatures, the importance of renewable energy, the need for conservation, or any other aspect of the climate crisis – your design should make people stop and think. Submission Details: All entries must be submitted digitally. Please provide a high-resolution image of your design along with a short description explaining the message and inspiration behind your work. Multiple Submissions: Participants are welcome to submit multiple entries, each with its own unique take on the theme. Judging: Entries will be judged on their creativity, originality, effectiveness in conveying the climate change message, and overall impact. Our panel of expert judges will evaluate each submission carefully. Join us in this vital mission to inspire action and raise awareness about climate change through the power of graphic design. Let your creativity shine, and together, we can make a difference!
Evaluation Criteria
In this competition, we intentionally have no strict criteria. We want to encourage you, the graphic designers, to think widely, creatively, and without limitations. Our aim is to harness the power of your imagination to address the urgent issue of climate change. We believe that by removing traditional criteria, we can inspire you to explore new ideas, perspectives, and approaches to create compelling graphic designs that raise awareness about climate change.
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EcoVisions: Graphic Design Challenge - Warning of Climate Change
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