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Tech-Innovation for a Greener Tomorrow
2023-12-06 06:26:am - 2024-02-01 06:00:am
Announcement Date: : 2024-02-10 06:00:am
Objective Primary Goal: Encourage students to devise innovative technological solutions enhancing environmental sustainability. Competition Structure Week 1 - Team Formation and Concept Development: Students form teams consisting of 3-5 members. Engagement in interactive sessions and workshops focusing on sustainability, technology, and innovation. Teams start developing their project ideas. Week 2 - Project Development: Continued development of project ideas. Access to mentorship sessions with technology and environmental science experts. Teams refine their ideas and work towards a prototype or detailed project plan. Week 3 - Project Refinement: Further refinement and development of projects. Optional workshops on advanced prototyping techniques and presentation skills. Week 4 - Finalization and Preparation for Presentation: Finalization of projects and preparation for the final presentation. Teams work on perfecting their prototypes and presentation. Awards Prizes for the top projects. Opportunities for project incubation or further development. Participation certificates for all teams. Additional Features Social Media Integration: Teams are encouraged to share their project journey on social media. Community Engagement: Projects involving community interaction or feedback are highly encouraged. Resources Online collaboration and presentation tools. Access to university labs and workshops for development (if applicable). Competition Impact This online competition is tailored to stimulate environmental consciousness and cross-disciplinary collaboration among college students. It offers a platform for practical application of theoretical knowledge in a fun and engaging manner, appealing to a wide range of student skills and interests. The primary focus is on innovation for sustainability, culminating in a single impactful submission from each team.
Evaluation Criteria
Final Submission and Judging Single Submission: Each team submits their final project at the end of the month. Presentation: Teams present their projects to a panel of faculty, industry experts, and environmentalists. Judging Criteria: Projects are evaluated based on innovation, feasibility, environmental impact, and presentation quality. Awards Ceremony: The competition concludes with an award ceremony recognizing the top projects.
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Tech-Innovation for a Greener Tomorrow
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