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College Football Team Poster Competition: Capture the Spirit!
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2024-02-13 06:25:pm - 2024-08-16 06:59:am
Announcement Date: : 2024-08-21 06:58:am
Get ready to unleash your artistic talents and football passion in our College Football Team Poster Competition! We're calling on all students (and any football lovers) to design a poster that embodies the spirit, energy, and pride of our college football team. This is your chance to contribute to our team's legacy and see your artwork inspire fans, players, and the college community. Theme: "Victory Through Unity" The theme for this competition is "Victory Through Unity". Your poster should capture the essence of teamwork, determination, and the vibrant college football culture that brings us all together. Whether it's the thrill of the game, the unity of the team, or the passionate support of the fans, let your design tell a story of victory and unity. Open to all currently enrolled students Submit your original poster design in digital format (JPEG, PNG, or PDF). Ensure your design is relevant to the theme and includes the college football team's colors, mascot, or symbols. Include a short description (100-150 words) explaining the concept of your design and how it represents the theme. Your design must be original and exclusively created for this competition. Adhere to the college's branding guidelines, including the correct use of logos, colors, and mascots. First Place: Your poster will be officially used in the upcoming football season, plus a $150 gift card to the college bookstore and 2 season tickets. Second Place: A $100 gift card to the college bookstore and 1 season ticket. Third Place: A $50 gift card to the college bookstore. Show off your creativity, support our team, and let your design fuel the spirit of victory and unity! We can't wait to see your entries.
Evaluation Criteria
Entries will be judged based on creativity, adherence to the theme, visual impact, and how well they promote the spirit of the college football team. A panel of judges, including team coaches, art department faculty, and student leaders, will select the winners.
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College Football Team Poster Competition: Capture the Spirit!
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