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Landscape Design
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2024-02-17 09:05:am - 2024-09-02 12:00:am
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Calling all landscape architects, designers, and gardening enthusiasts! Showcase your creativity and expertise by submitting your best landscape design project. Whether it's a lush garden, a sustainable outdoor space, or an innovative urban landscape, we want to see your vision come to life. Share your project with us and stand a chance to earn recognition and a reward for your exceptional design skills. This is your opportunity to highlight your talent in creating beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly outdoor spaces. From residential gardens to public parks, we welcome all types of landscape projects. Your submission should not only demonstrate your design skills but also your ability to create spaces that enhance people's lives and connect them with nature. Your project will be evaluated by a panel of experts in the field of landscape design, who will consider various aspects such as creativity, sustainability, and the overall impact of your design. This is a chance to get your work noticed by professionals and peers alike, and to be celebrated for your contribution to the world of landscape architecture. So, whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring designer, we invite you to take part in this exciting competition. Let your creativity shine and show us how you can transform outdoor spaces into works of art. Submit your best landscape design project today and make your mark in the world of landscape design!
Evaluation Criteria
Creativity and Originality: The design should display innovative ideas and a unique approach to landscaping. Aesthetics: The overall visual appeal of the landscape, including the choice of plants, materials, and color coordination. Functionality: The practicality of the design, considering factors like space utilization, circulation, and user experience. Sustainability: The incorporation of eco-friendly practices and materials, as well as the consideration of long-term environmental impact. Technical Execution: The quality of the technical drawings, plans, and any 3D renderings or models provided. Contextual Integration: How well the design integrates with its surroundings and complements the existing environment.
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Landscape Design
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