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Discover IDEASSS, the cutting-edge design platform where innovation meets opportunity. Engage in dynamic design competitions, sell your creations in our Source File Marketplace, and embrace the future with our NFT functionalities. IDEASSS is revolutionizing the digital design landscape, offering robust protection for intellectual property and a thriving marketplace for creative minds. Join us and make your mark in the world of design.

The Importance of Design
Design serves as the nexus of innovation, humanization, and economic exchange. As creativity blooms, it becomes a source of inspiration and a creator of wealth. Over the past decade, the world has seen a surge in design demand, freelance designers, and large-scale design platforms, notably fueled by the booming tech industry. However, current platforms offer limited feedback for designers and often fail to protect their intellectual property. IDEASSS, with its innovative competition and evaluation mechanisms coupled with blockchain technology, seeks to address these gaps.

Platform User Categories
Demanders: Users who post & host competitions.
Designers: Participants who provide ideas and designs.
Experts: Renowned individuals vetted and chosen to evaluate competition entries.

Competition Mechanism Overview
Design competitions are at the heart of IDEASSS. Demanders can post design requirements and provide specific details about what they seek. Once a competition is live, designers submit their work, which is then evaluated based on predetermined criteria. The prize distribution varies depending on the total reward amount, with separate allocations for the demander's choice, expert evaluations, and user likes. The platform retains a 15% service fee, and 5% of each transaction goes into a grand prize awarded periodically.

Source File Marketplace
A dedicated space for designers to sell and showcase their design source files. It's an ecosystem where design assets can be bought, providing an additional stream of income for designers.

Electronic Wallet for NFTs
The platform seamlessly integrates an electronic wallet, allowing users to store and manage their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It emphasizes secure transactions, a user-friendly experience, and offers a range of functionalities.

NFT Conversion & Benefits
NFTs represent a revolution in artwork copyright and digital art preservation. On IDEASSS, NFTs carry added benefits like access to original design files and exclusive offline events. They provide a lasting revenue model for creators and a way to combat piracy through unique value assignments to each digital artwork.

Minting & Tracking NFTs
Users have a personal NFT center to monitor their NFT activity. They can decide whether to convert their designs into NFTs. This NFT center offers storage space, with the option to expand if required. Importantly, NFTs aren't limited to competition winners; any user can mint and showcase their NFTs.

ideasss stands at the forefront of design platforms, offering an enriched experience for designers, demanders, and experts alike. With its innovative mechanisms, feedback loops, and integration of NFTs, it seeks to redefine the landscape of design in the digital age.

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