How to withdraw money
Description: Steps to cash out your rewards

Reap the rewards of your creativity with Ideasss. Our platform makes it simple to transform your intellectual work into financial gains. With our user-friendly withdrawal process, you can quickly and securely convert your earnings to real money via PayPal. At Ideasss, we value your contributions and ensure they receive the recognition they deserve.  Turn your creativity into cash today and continue to inspire and profit with your unique talents.


• Turn your creative contributions into tangible rewards.

• Easily convert your earnings into real money via PayPal.

• Ensure your intellectual brilliance gets the recognition and value it deserves.

Withdrawal Steps:

Step 1: Navigate to your profile icon and select participation.

Step 2: Under Participated Competition, head to Active Competition and link your PayPal address for withdrawal.

Step 3: For completed contests, go to Closed Competition and click withdraw. Confirm by selecting "Yes".

Step 4: Check your pending amount. Within 3–7 business days, your earnings will be transferred to your PayPal account.

For Source File Profits:

Step 1: Navigate to Source File List → Sold Source Files.

Step 2: Click Apply Withdraw to initiate the process.


• Verify received amounts under Withdrawn Amount.

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