How to sell your source files
Description: Steps to upload source files

Transform your design ideas into profitable assets with Ideasss. Our platform empowers creators to share their work, inspire others, and monetize their original source files. With easy listing steps and a straightforward post-listing management system, you can focus on what you do best—being creative. Join Ideasss today, where your designs are not just showcased but become a valuable resource for the creative community around the globe.


 •  Turn your designs ideas into valuable assets.

 •  Share, inspire, and shape the creative community with your brilliance.

 •  Easily list and sell source files to be a resource for fellow creators.

Listing Steps:
 •  Option 1: Navigate to the upload icon next to the search bar and select Upload Source File.
 •  Option 2: Click your profile picture icon → Source File → POST +

File Details:

 •  Upload a cover image.

 •  Provide a file title.

 •  Choose a category.

 •  Set your listing price.

 •  Select the file type.

 •  Upload images of your files.

 •  Upload the actual source file.

 •  Click "submit" to list.


 •  Access your listings: Click your profile picture icon → Source file → Uploaded Source File.

 •  Manage your listings: Toggle on/off in the Source File Store.

 •  Profit from your creativity: For earnings, go to Source Files List → Sold source files → Apply Withdraw.

Relax & Sit Back:

 •  Awaits notification of all sells or check for updates any time. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and stay creative.

 •  Maximize your impact and potential by showcasing your creativity on Ideasss!

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