How to participate
Description: Steps to submit your works

Enter the arena of creativity with our unique competitions! Win prizes and gain recognition by showcasing your talent to the world. Whether you're an artist, designer, or innovator, we provide multiple ways to triumph, including public votes, host impressions, and expert judge selections. Submit your work easily and track your success in real-time.  Join our vibrant community of creators today and let your brilliance shine!

Three ways to win:

 •  Secure 1st to 3rd place by impressing the competition host.

 •  Gather 1st to 3rd most likes from the community during the competition.

 •  Achieve 1st to 3rd place picked by our expert judges
(For competitions $500+ in prize).

Participation Steps:

 •  Navigate to the top panel: Competition → Active Competition.

 •  Choose your desired competition under "Active Competition."

 •  Click on the competition.

 •  Competition
       [All Competition]
       [Active Competition]
       [Closed Competition]

Submission Process:

 •  Upload your cover image

 •  Enter your submission title

 •  Choose the submission type

 •  Add relevant tags

 •  Upload your work

 •  Provide a description for your submissions

 •  Submit your entry


 •  Find your submission: Participation → Participated Competition → Active Competition.

 •  Await notification of the competition's closure or check for updates anytime.

 •  Enjoy a hassle-free experience and stay creative!

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