Yiting Nan combines the skillset of graphic design and printmaking with animation
Description: Each work feels harmonious in its blend of isometric shapes, block colours and soothing animation
Author: ideasss

       The work of Chinese-born and New York-based designer and animator Yiting Nan has impressed us with her deceptively simple pieces of work. The young artist was first introduced to motion graphics while studying at the esteemed School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she quickly realised that her abilities in design, illustration and animation could all be combined in to the exciting field of animation. Yiting’s background in graphic design sets her apart from other animators and illustrators, as she brings a unique graphical perspective to her work. Hence, while primarily working in digital media, Yiting draws on her fondness for printmaking to incorporate its unique features into her work when appropriate. Her work is bold, graphical, and vibrant, drawing also on her background in Western design education and her Chinese heritage to blend old Chinese animation styles with modern Western techniques. Similarly, plants have always been a source of inspiration for Yiting. Their physical forms and intricate life cycles provide endless sources of inspiration, and she finds that adapting various styles to fit each project works well with the concept of plants. Overall, Yiting’s work is a beautiful blend of her unique perspective and her love for nature, creating stunning animations that are both visually striking and conceptually deep. It's no wonder her SVA Motion Screening 2022 Invitation animation just won Best in Show in Communication Arts Illustration.

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