Droga5 rebrands the charity Sister Circle, highlighting the year-round work it does for women
Description: The identity uses a soothing palette to suggest a safe, supportive space – a “100 per cent accurate” representation of the charity, says Droga5.
Author: ideasss

       Sister Circle has been working in Tower Hamlets, London since 1981. A charity that empowers women from diverse communities in East London to access better healthcare; its services include support for new mothers, survivors of female genital cutting (FGC) and for those escaping domestic abuse or trafficking. Sister Circle has been doing this work for decades and continues “at a time when proper support for women’s health – and health support for women of colour, especially – has never been more sorely needed,” a release identifies. Droga5 London’s new identity for the charity hopes to bolster this work as much as possible. The project comprises a new identity, launch campaign, website from Wellcom, and a name change – the charity was previously Women’s Health & Family Services (WHFS). Open and trustworthy are two words that come to mind looking over the new identity. According to Droga5, the work is designed to celebrate the “strength in numbers”, the power of a support network, and “the diverse women who make up the Sister Circle community”.

       Geometric shapes are a key feature. Droga5 balances angular edges with circles; often literally, with forms supporting each other and coming together to create new abstract structures or silhouettes of people. Typography and tone of voice is simple and direct, while a warm palette, spanning peach, scarlet and coral, is meant to represent the supportive, inclusive environment that the charity has created through its community. “I can confirm, after spending so much time with Sister Circle, that this representation is 100 per cent accurate,” says Stephanie McArdle, head of design at Droga5 London. “We threw everything we could at helping them do this important, meaningful work.”

       The rebrand launches with a new outdoor and social campaign, demonstrating the issues the charity works to solve and its impact on people’s lives. Droga5 hopes that the new work will increase awareness of Sister Circle and, in the process, boost the donations on which its work depends. “The current state of women’s health in the UK reminds us that Sister Circle’s work is more important than ever. At a time when brands flock to superficially champion women for just one day, the ongoing work that Sister Circle does is a powerful contrast to that,” says Shelley Smoler, chief creative officer at Droga5 London. Supporters of Sister Circle can learn more about the charity and make a donation here.

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