Residential Design
Description: Outer Richmond & Loft
Author: Dafne Odette

Outer Richmond

San Francisco, CA

Year: 2022

       The project was focused on creating a sophisticated yet welcoming space with an open layout to encourage communal dining. Integrating bold colors and luxurious materials, the design caters to a clientele seeking a modern dining experience. The space is a celebration of contemporary living, offering a fresh take on the traditional dining experience. The floor plan of this dining space offers a symmetrical design that optimizes space and fosters a welcoming atmosphere. Natural light accentuates the warm color palette, while the intelligent arrangement of furniture promotes conversation and a shared dining experience. It’s a seamless blend of form and function, capturing the essence of modern communal living.

       This dining room embodies a vibrant fusion of contemporary style and custom design elements. Set against the backdrop of rich teal walls, the space is anchored by a large abstract painting that injects a splash of energetic color. Surrounding the elegant glass table are plush coral chairs that offer a welcoming embrace to guests. A custom feathered ceiling pendant hangs overhead, a statement piece that softens the space with its delicate form. Flanked by chic lamps, the room is bathed in a warm, inviting glow. Every detail in this space, from the bespoke lighting to the curated color palette, comes together to create a dining experience that is both luxurious and comfortably modern.


Montreal, Canada

Year: 2022

       This Montreal loft is a symphony of history and modernity, a space where the robust character of a reimagined warehouse harmonizes with a contemporary urban lifestyle. The design, guided by ODE's meticulous approach, weaves warmth and tranquility into every corner, resonating with the natural cadence of changing seasons and the pulse of city life. The essence of Biophilia is infused throughout, from the tactile richness of faux leather and solid wood to the calming presence of a central saltwater aquarium, a nod to Kaplan's Attention Restoration Theory for mental rejuvenation. The loft's versatile design features, including a rock-climbing wall and fireman's pole, create a rhythm of engagement that is both captivating and conducive to effortless cognitive function. This dynamic blend of elements fosters an environment where adventure meets tranquility, inviting exploration and creative thought. The design is an embodiment of the client's multifaceted life, reflecting ODE's commitment to spaces that are meaningful and wellbeing-focused. It marries practicality with elegance, ensuring that every transition, from the spiraling staircase to the portal door, is an integral part of the loft's adaptable and minimalistic ethos. At its core, the loft is a celebration of ODE's vision for human-centric design, seamlessly integrating Kaplan & Kaplan's Preference Model by offering coherence, complexity, and legibility, while sprinkling in elements of mystery to invite discovery. It's more than a living space; it's a transformative experience, a personal sanctuary that pays homage to both nature's influence on the human psyche and the transformative power of thoughtful design.

Living Room                                                                                                                                     Working Space

Sleeping Area                                                                                                                                 Dining

Overview                                                                                  Rendering

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